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Hitachi Announcing 4.5kW Car Li-Ion Battery Soon on Market


hitachi-lithium-ion-batteryAlthough it has many opponents even among green technology sustainers, the good-old battery still evolves to help us have those all-electric vehicles beneath us, and make us drive cleaner and faster than ever.

Well-branded companies have joined the trend of making batteries designed for cars. Hitachi is among them, and now they announced a new type of Li-Ion, that they say improves the power density by 70%. They also said they will begin producing these beginning with next year, and will also have a cheaper, 50% weaker version for sale at the same time.

No actual figures have been released yet, but they say it has a power of 4.5kW per unit and lasts for more than 10 years, lasting 20% more than their previous model. The picture above is not one of the latest model, but the previous one’s, since they have not given any of the new versions.

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  1. how about some dimensions? How about some weights? How about some voltages?

    How about some real information that we can actually use?



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