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ABC News Reports the Progress of Developing the Chevy Volt


There are a lot of speculations around the future Chevy Volt, the series car that it’s said to revolutionize the car industry. Although there hasn’t been much proof that they have the battery to power the electric-hybrid car, they’re confident in their success, or at least that was wanted to be seen on this abc news video clip. Watch it. I think they’re going to make it, because probably they’re going to be using the EEStor technology or something equivalent, technology that has only recently been unveiled.

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  1. Ok, Aaron, but what about the famous collaboration between EEstor and Lockheed Martin? How can that be fake? LMT is a serious company, not a newcomer…

  2. I have a site out there that may shed a little light on this.
    basically, I got booted from theeestory.com because I posted some public information about a Richard S. Weir. proported son of the inventor Richard D. Weir. TO sum it up, he has an internet marketting company called brownbagventures and his name also appears on some of the patents. I smell scam. also A user named Doc on theeestory.com site hired a PI to investigate claims that a production facility was currently being built in cedar park TX, all hogwash according to the detective.

    My point being;
    this is a sham and will be debunked soon.


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