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Haynes Releases Toyota Prius Repair Handbook


Beginning with the simplest car models, Haynes has made itself a name for an “all-breaker” and reconstructer.

Now, in the times of hybrid cars that nobody knows how to repair, they are also trying to make a name by releasing a Toyota Prius repair handbook. Even if you’re a rookie in car repairs, or an advanced mechanic (or electrician), you can learn how to fix the very complicated hybrid car.

I wanted to buy a second-hand Prius, but there are no services in my country, and if something goes wrong I’d pay half the price of the car to fix it. Once I read this news I may reconsider, taking into account its very low price: $24. And, if your hobbies are electronics and mechanics, there is a big need for such specialists in various parts of the world, except those where  you can take your Prius to a Toyota representative. Or… if you don’t have enough money to pay their fees.

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