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DIY: How to Make a Wave Powered Boat


This is based on the invention of Francois Kneider, whose invention I have presented in an earlier article. You may go there to find more details and plans of his invention. This is only a toy boat, intended to present the working principles.

You may use small wood boards, or toy boats “borrowed” from your kids. Or as well you may teach your little ones how to build a free energy device.

1. If you’re using a wood board, you first have to shape a blunt point at one end of it. The board has to be of pine or other soft wood, to be light at easy to cut.

2. Attach four double blades cut from thin plastic sheets to the bottom at each side of the board, and secure them with small screws or tacks. You may make the blades out of plastic from sleeves for holding documents. The forward lid may be folded around a thin strip of a more solid plastic, such as a margarine pot lid, glued or taped before nailing (or screwing).

The above photo shows the experimental wood boat, with a pair of spectacles attached to suggest its size by comparison.

The picture above shows a bottom view of the wood boat, and how the blades were fastened. The thin line is a simple flat keel inserted into the wood. Anyway, it’s optional. A small piece of sheet metal or other rigid material may be used.

If you’ll shake the recipient that you perform the experiment in, the wooden boat with blades attached will move forward. If you’d like to amaze your kids and yourself, try doing the same experiment with a wood boat of the same shape and size, but without the plastic blades. The bladeless board will make a silly up and down movement, but it will not move forward, while the blade-enhanced board will.

You may even make a race between the two and have your children bet on the winner. It’s good to teach them funny alternative energy experiments, because they will remain imprinted in their memory, and, who knows, maybe sometime produce more serious work.


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