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Francois Kneider's Wave Powered Boat Working Principles


While about a month ago I was presenting an article about Suntory Mermaid II, a boat powered only by the movement of the waves, I am now presenting an inventor, named Francois Kneider, who in his seventies, continues to amaze the people who know him by the number of ideas he has and the innovations he brought to life. In 2005, he focused on building wave powered systems for boats.

He has made concepts that shouldn’t work according to conventional theories and practices. When examining his demonstration of his cold cathode tube, the head of an electrical  company told him, “It should not work!” while admitting that it did.  Kneider compared this achievement to Newton’s apple remaining suspended in the air, as opposed to landing on his head.

Kneider’s idea was to convert a vertical moving wave to push the boat on the horizontal. The following images demonstrate the concept (click to enlarge):

Mr. Kneider is disappointed by the current progress in battery technologies (as of 2005), instead he says we should use self-generated power onboard our boats, because this kind of energy usage is the greenest and the most efficient (nothing is lost as heat or other forms of energy).

Below is an example of a boat modified to suit the idea of self-power. The first example is the boat with the blades set for powering it, and the second is the case when, during a storm, the blades are raised for not being torn apart (the energy is higher than the system can bear, like in the video of the wind turbine torn apart by high velocity winds) – click to enlarge the photos:

Mr. Kneider also put a comment on this blog for me to check out his website and inventions posted on PESN. I thank him for that matter. Great inventions!

[via: pesn, kneider.voila.fr]

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