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Video: Jack Nicholson Drives Hydrogen Car in 1978!


This video is a clip from a 1978 CBC News, showing Jack Nicholson driving a hydrogen powered car. The concept existed since then, the hydrogen was packed in high pressure tanks, and the engine’s timing (top dead center) was retarded a bit (probably 8 degrees, it’s a common value). And, as extra value, the hydrogen was obtained from solar power, through some solar panels, cutting edge tech at that time.

Everybody dreamed of solar powered hydrogen stations and freedom from oil even 30 years ago. But it was not to be that way… history, interests, politics and the power of money brought humanity on the limit of self-destruction.

Anyway, watch the video, and, Jack, if you happen to read this article, I congratulate you for driving a hydrogen car back then, and ask you in the nicest way possible to leave a comment below. It would be an honor for me and my readers. And, yes, I can handle the truth.

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  1. what went wrong?
    how sad.
    iv been spending all this time my computer trying to figure a way to do just that same thing.
    and we all just through it to the wind like thirty years ago.
    before global warming. and how many people died over oil?
    i for one am so interested in how they did it.
    i am OK with someone contacting me via email and ill try to rebuild there car and maybe old jack will drive mine.
    surely we could get better results today.


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