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James May from Top Gear Driving a Honda FCX Clarity Hydrogen Car


fcx-clarityIt seems like today I like talking about Top Gear’s car reviews. After making a statement of their disappointment about the Tesla Roadster, Top Gear’s James May made a different approach on electric cars. After all, May has evaluated GM’s Hy-Wire, and left people with a good impression on it, while Clarkson did all the nasty jobs (like killing a Prius).

After all, we don’t have only one direction to choose regarding transportation, and not even Clarkson or May knows what this direction will be, so the most prudent and balanced view is one of acceptance of all there is today. If we hadn’t accepted electric cars, hydrogen fueled cars wouldn’t have been born.

James May evaluated a Honda FCX Clarity, with a positive attitude towards its environmental purpose. We don’t enter the discussion as of how eco-friendly is the making of FCX, or its price, because these are all going to change in a few years to accomodate to the markets. The black part of it is that the FCX Clarity is only leased at the moment to a very few people who live in L.A. Pity for that.

Watch the video.

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