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New LCD Panel Offers Huge Power Savings While Displaying Static Images


Usually, when you watch your LCD TV, no matter what it displays, the power consumption remains the same. A new technology developed by Japan Display Inc does different: when the image shown on the screen is static, the power consumption drops to 3 milliwatts (mW).

A low-temperature reflective polycrystalline silicon TFT sits and the foundation of the company’s new technology. It works just like a static memory, by retaining the image data in each pixel and storing it without the need for a refresh every 1/100 of a second.

Being reflective, the new technology also constituted the base of a natural, paper-like display. To obtain proper readability, the engineers optimized the optical design of the scattering layer.

Two display types have been thus produced: a high-reflectivity type and a high-color-purity type, both having a contrast ratio of 30 to 1.

Japan Display is awaiting for their first high-volume order from a customer, and will exhibit the new LCD at FPD International 2012 taking place at the end of this month in Yokohama.

I think this technology will have such a great impact on TV sets and LCD displays (including mobile devices) that it can be compared to the efficiency of the LED bulb versus the Edison one. Imagine the overall power savings of those TVs and monitors working around the clock to show up a static image in malls and on the streets!

Green kudos to that!

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