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Top 10 Green Gadgets You Need in Case of Emergency


front2Increasing intensity and number of storm events, sea level rise, flooding… It is incredible how every day there is at least one headline warning us to be prepared for any possible events that might occur as a result of the continuously changing climate and global warming.

Currently, technology has advanced to such extent, that it is almost impossible to be surprised by a hurricane, for example, but in any case, preparedness is the key to minimizing casualties.

So, inspired by a great piece published a few days ago on Treehugger, we decided to provide you with top 10 useful “green” gadgets that are fully powered by a renewable energy source, and therefore will definitely “save the day” and keep you connected in case of emergency. Of course, don’t forget to check out the list of Basic Disaster Supplies, provided by the U.S. Weather Service.

11. Voltaic Solar Charger KitsDepending on what device you need to charge, this Solar Charger Kit can provide you with enough power to do so- regardless of whether it is a smart phone or a laptop. In addition to that, you might even do a good deed by helping the makers in their charitable programs.

22. K3 Wind and Solar Mobile ChargerAll that this charger needs is to be placed at a location, where it can harness wind and solar power at the same time. If fully charged, it produces enough energy to keep your mobile running for a good couple of days.

33. LuminAID Inflatable Solar Powered LightThis is essentially a waterproof bag that contains a LED bulb and a solar cell. When unfolded, it inflates to a large bright light. All you need to do is charge the solar cell during the day. This is another one of these gadgets that can be sent to women in crisis regions if you decide to pay a little extra.

44. K-TOR Hand-Crank Power Generator

Another simple charging device for a phone, radio or an AA and AAA battery charger. All you need to do is to turn the handle.

55. Goal Zero Yeti Solar Power Generator

This is a big one. It has three sizes of impressive solar generators that pump out clean power. The company provides different alternatives depending on how much power you need, where the biggest one, Yeti 1250, is paired with two 30 watt solar panels, capable of powering appliances such as a refrigerator.

66. Eton American Red Cross Hand-Crank Radio

In case of a weather related emergency, it is extremely important to stay connected and listen to warnings and alerts. This radio can be powered by a solar panel fitted on the back of it or with the crank. One minute of cranking gives 10-15 minutes  of radio and flashlight usage. And if there is nothing on the news, you can even play your favorite music using the AUX input.

77. WakaWaka Solar Powered Light and Charger

This is the ultimate solar charger, fitted with the latest and most advanced solar technology. Only 8 hours of sun exposure guarantees at least 40 hours of bright LED light. In addition, the device is small, water-resistant and it needs only 2 hours to fully charge your mobile phone.

88. Kaito Solar Powered Emergency Radio

Another option for you to follow the news is the Kaito Voyager solar-powered radio. It is fitted with a solar panel, which tilts according to the sun position. It also has a light, which can be used at night, or as a red flashing emergency signal.

99. DIY Fire and Water Powered Emergency Light

In case you feel a bit more creative, the Istructables user Joohansson provides a great tutorial to make a renewable energy charger powered by fire and water. All you need is some food tints, tea lights, and a few electronics.

1010. DIY Hand-Crank Cell Phone Charger

Another one from the Instructables, generously provided by user The King of Random. Using an old cordless drill, and common household items, you can construct a device that can directly charge your mobile device only by turning a crank.

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