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Window Socket Sticks to Windows and Solar-Powers Gadgets


window-socket1Ever wanted to harness that free energy coming from the Sun and put it into your gadget? If this project succeeds, all you have to do it plug the cord into your window, and the thing will charge! Sounds weird, right?

Not that weird, if you take into account that the Window Socket, designed by Yanko Design, Kyuho Song and Boa Oh has a small solar cell on its back, charges an internal battery from sunlight and then converts it into (judging from the picture, I guess it’s AC) electricity when used. The innovation is so simple to use (following the KISS principle) that anyone who can stick a suction plate onto a window can do it.

1000 mAh are just enough to charge a phone’s battery to 75% and it takes 5 to 8 hours to fully recharge. Now I


don’t think Window Socket is the ultimate solution to our ever-increasing gadgetry energy needs, but it’s a toy that can save a couple of buckets of CO2 every now and then and that in its lifetime may even recover the CO2 necessary to make it (if you use it, of course).

We wish all the luck possible to these guys in producing Window Socket and maybe even increasing its storage capacity and making it affordable to poor countries.

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