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Tesla Motors Stock on the Rise, Could Hit $100 in the Next 18 Months

Tesla Motors Stock, Looking Up!
Tesla Motors Stock, Looking Up!

In the last three months or so, Tesla Motors stock has been on the rise, and for good reason: lots of good news!

Tesla Motors stock [TSLA] has been trending upwards, following mostly good news announcements regarding production, sales numbers, warranty information. These increases have been marred by investor response following poor reviews and reporting in the media, but zealous owners and CEO Elon Musk himself have been able to counter most of these reports. Tesla Motors stock peaked on April 30th at $58.18/shr.

The business model could be infallible: produce a great vehicle and provide great support. Analysts at Longboard Asset Management believe Tesla Motors stock could hit $100/shr in the next 18 months and maybe $200/shr in the next five years.

There has been one kink in all this, regarding Elon Musk and other executives trading stocks, and federal regulators have served subpoenas to the company investigating executive stock trading programs. Even so, no accusations have been made, and no wrongdoing is assumed, in spite of some overzealous tweeting by CEO Elon Musk, which have caused some to speculate Securities and Exchange Committee [SEC] rules had been violated. Twitter must be public enough to fall outside of insider trading.

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  1. What an amazing and inspirational company. “Build a quality product, and make profit on it, not the continual replacement of it.” It’s not so much revolutionary, as it is refreshingly… “Made in the U.S.A.” retro. It feels good, and I can’t wait to own one!

    • @EvS Could we call it “Retro-lutionary”? Probably not! Still, how is it exactly that we got to this point in time where serving up loads of cheap crap became a “business model”? Why are people not incensed when something falls apart after a year?


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