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UK Company Unveils Free Solar Panel Suitability Checker for iPhone/iPad


Solar Panels UK, a company that has so far put up a website that advises homeowners on how to align their solar panels to get the most energy out of them, has recently released an iPad/iPhone app, in the hope that the users will benefit from the application more properly by using the devices’ GPS receiver and mobility.

The company is actively involved and keeping up with the latest trends in technology, as they say on their own website: “Previously it has only been possible to access the app directly via the website but, having undertaken some thorough research, it was obvious that in today’s fast paced technological world a significant number of our customers would welcome being able to use the app through their iPhone or iPad.”

Solar Panels UK’s iPhone/iPad app is using Google Maps to find the efficiency of the solar panels on a property. After installing the iOS app, the user only has to push a button (“Use Current Location”) and the GPS will do the location job, with Google Maps providing the address automatically, or having the user input it manually.

You can use the performance graph and satellite imagery to pinpoint the perfect place of your sunroof or the place where you’d like your solar panels installed and have the best efficiency possible.

The company is now pursuing the development of a second version of the app, which will provide sun time data for the location of the solar panels and will have the tilt angle as one of its variables, so it will be able to estimate the amount of energy that can be generated.

On top of all that, the app has the feature I like most: it’s free. It can be downloaded from the iTunes store page, and it’s called Solar Panels Suitability Checker.

Although the iPad/iPhone app works throughout the northern hemisphere, the actual website seems more geared up for the UK. All in all a pretty useful site if you are considering the installation of solar panels, why not check it out.

Comments on this app are welcome.

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