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What Would Happen If The US Granted Solar As Much Subsidy As To Fossil Fuels


1BOG had a wonderful idea from the very beginning to make these long images showing off one concept or another, some kind of a statistic about various facts, related to alternative/renewable energy. They show the facts in an un-editable, banner-like shape.

Now, they made this report saying that if the US government granted as much subsidy to solar as they do to petrol-based fuels, the place would surely look differently and suddenly all the struggle with implementing solar power as a really useful supply would make much more sense than it does now.

Germany, for example, has instated very good incentives for solar and they now work. I can confirm that, while traveling through Germany, I saw houses equipped with solar panels everywhere, and I wondered, but then I remembered they’re worth installing in that country and stopped wondering so much.

Why this doesn’t also happen in the US is a mystery, at least when we look through 1BOG’s eyes. So, watch the pic below and place your comment in the form at the bottom of it.

[via cleantechnica]

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