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Solarball: Ultra-Cheap Solar-Powered Water Purifier for The Poorest of Us


Technology doesn’t always have to be complex to help people. Such is the case of a simple solar-powered water purifier designed by Monash University graduate student Jonathan Liow to help people in poor countries that have no access to drinkable water sources. The Solarball, his invention, can produce up to three liters of water per day.

The Solarball is actually a device that uses sunlight to evaporate dirty water, and then condense it on the recipient’s walls, thus leaving the largest part of dangerous contaminants behind.

900 million people are in need for such a device, out of which over two million children die annually from causes mainly linked to contaminated water. Liow had been inspired by his visit to Cambodia in 2008, “seeing the immense lack of everyday products we take for granted, I was inspired to use my design skills to help others.”

Liow was even invited by ABC, to a show called “The New Inventors,” as his Solarball had been entering the finals of the 2011 Australian Design Awards – James Dyson Award. If you’ll be in Milan in April, you’ll be able to see the Solarball live at the Milan International Design Fair.

Products that clean contaminated water, other than this one, already exist. The problem is that there isn’t enough investment to fund their production. If anyone can see this an opportunity to make money and save those little children, then this is one of those moments to act – life is short!

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  1. Do you know where I might be able to purchase the Solar Ball Water Purifier .. I can not seem to find any place that I can order one .. can anyone help .. ?


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