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Sikar II – 100% Solar Powered Vehicle Attends The 2011 World Solar Challenge


Seven faculty members of De La Salle University, Manila and 22 engineering students have conceived a solar powered vehicle that will compete in the 2011 World Solar Challenge on October 16-23. The 3,000-km race is set to take place from Darwin to Adelaide in Australia.

The concept of this vehicle, dubbed Sikat II, was officially launched by De La Salle University and Philippine Solar Car Challenge Society, Inc. “Sikat II is a testament of Filipino creativity and ingenuity, talent and technological capability in tapping clean and renewable sources of energy such as solar power,” PSCCSI said.

According to the team, the new solar powered vehicle will have many improvements deeply integrated in its complete design, being much more better than its predecessors.

It will also have an aerodynamic body made of lightweight carbon fiber-honeycomb composite. This material will make the car weigh around 180kg. Equipped with a 2-kilowatt motor, the Sikat II will be able to reach a top speed of 110 kilometers per hour.

Besides this, the vehicle will feature Filipino-made solar cells manufactured by Sunpower Philippines, generating electricity for the motor.


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