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Japan’s New “Assisted Mama” Electric Bike Features Child Seats


Bridgeport Assista MamichiriWe’ve all seen child carriers for bicycles, from rear mounted trailers to rack mounted carriers. Bridgestone subsidiary Bridgeport has designed and has recently sold some 300,000 of its new e-bikes to Japanese clients, specifically mothers. Yes, I said mothers, as the new Bridgeport Assista Mamachiri, which loosely translated means, Assisted Mama Bike.

The new e-bike has seating for up to three, including mom and two kids in child seats, for a total weight of about 225 pounds. The three-speed bike is also electric-assisted, which is a big help getting up hills or maintaining speed on long stretches.

Fully charged, the Assista Mamachiri has a range of about 23 miles. The very similar Angelino Petite Assista has seating for 2 and a range up to 27 miles.

The frame is built with moms and kids in mind, with a very stable rear kickstand for loading and unloading the little ones, and a large, step-through frame.

Unlike add-on child carriers, the e-bike‘s child seats are integrated into the design of the bike, which ought to make it much safer. The child seats are designed with higher head protection in case of overturning or snoozing, as well as a five-point harness and foot rests.

The new e-bike is being sold for about $1,800 in Japan, but isn’t available here in the US, not yet anyways.

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