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Japanese Green Energy Power Plants on Water


Japanese scientists explore the usefulness of clean-tech energy generators that are floating on the sea as a source of energy for the whole country, announced a Japanese newspaper.

The environmentally-friendly generators from the sea will be immense power plants on top of which will be mounted photovoltaic generators and  wind turbines that will generate as much energy as a nuclear power plant, scientists from Kyushu University demonstrated.

The eco-installations will have dimensions of 2 km on 800 meters and each will generate approximately 300 MW of electricity. The costs to generate electricity for an installation are estimated between $650 and $1,300 per kW, compared to over $1,800 per kW, at a nuclear power plant.

The installations could be a solution for high costs of energy and a solution to reduce the use of fossil resources. Besides power generation, the installations will have lighting diodes that will allow the generators from the sea to serve as incubators for sea grass, stimulating the fish feeding. The LEDs will light in water to help the high grass increase, which absorbs carbon dioxide and attract fish.

The team research from Kyushu University have shown the tests on a floating generator in July and the plan to test a power plant model. The group estimated that it will take approximately three years to produce the actual power plant.

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