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Japanese MagLev Train Travels at 310 MPH. Electrically.


Japan was always known for new technologies regarding trains, but the newest Maglev electric train that travels at 310 MPH is a real monster in its class. The JR Central Railway Company has presented this new electric train model that can travel at unseen speeds before.

Design and development for this train has been going on for some time and the actual year that the train will become a regular on its route is said to be 2027.

The 160 mile route between Tokyo and Nagoya will take 40 minutes for this prototype, which will be the half of the time used by present models. Just the front car measures 92 feet in length, from which 49 feet are taken by the nose section.

Perfect aerodynamics and high steam make this $102 billion machinery a really fine piece of equipment. With a maximum of 15 cars, the Maglev will be able to transport around 1,000 people.

The Maglev concept, which means Magnetically Levitating train is unique in its ways and has many benefits. One of them is that there is no need for wheels, by this having no track noise. Their operation involves only the friction with the air. No batteries are needed for the train to move. Levitating trains are among the most viable and efficient vehicles on the planet.

These trains work on any kind of fuel (solar power, for example) based on the fact they are moving around by using electricity. Their electric motor is made of two different parts, not fully mounted on the vehicle, one part on the lower half of the train, the other on the track it rolls on. The train has permanent magnets on the bottom and electromagnets laid on the track that help it move forward.

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