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DIY Girl From Ohio Builds Her Own Electric Bike From Scratch – See How


It looks like men are not the only ones who love technology, welding, batteries and electric motors. After presenting the example of Eva Hakkansson, who plans on building an electric motorcycle, I stumbled upon the story of another girl, Jennifer Holt, from Columbus, Ohio, who built her own electric bike.

She thought of everything: her own frame, suspensions, and even limiting the maximum speed to 30 mph, not because it couldn’t do more, but rather because it’s impractical and unsafe to go beyond 30 on such a bike. Still, the videos Jen posted show a decent acceleration which may even take a car up to 30 mph.

I have to say this bike inspired me. I have a bike that looks just like this one, only it’s a normal one, but the suspension mechanism and the overall design are the same. A thought goes through my mind…

Watch the video below to get an idea of Jen’s work:

[via jennwork/Make/Ecofriend]

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