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Jim Duke`s Free Electric Car Solar Charging Station


dukeA great man on a great mission: Jim Duke, a known environmentalist of the tiny Aspen community El Jebel , Colorado, gives free of charge energy to electric car owners.

In the 80s Jim Duke focused his efforts to establish recycling and composting programs for Aspen and surrounding communities.

Latest “project” he worked on was to establish a large array of solar panels on his ranch, capable of producing 15,000kWh of electricity annually. The investment cost was estimated to around 85,000$ and Duke’s plan is to charge for free any electric car who’s owners show up on his doorstep.

In his efforts to go completely green, he also bought two electric cars for him and his family and changed the gas stove for an electric one.

The costs of his investment is huge and don’t seem to pay off very soon. But Duke is not interested in money. He hopes that the new generation starts  too see things as he does and considers this an obligation of all the children of the world to save the planet and keep it clean: “It’s way, way, way past the point for talk. It’s time for action.”

[via gas2.org]

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