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Joseph Papp's Inert (noble) Gas Engine


josef papp's inert gas engine

Like it’s said that sculptures aren’t created but discovered, because they were always there in the rock, so Josef Papp, a Hungarian emigrant to Canada discovered an engine based on the properties of the inert gases, such as Helium. It is known nowadays that these gases, compressed and ignited under certain electrical conditions, can offer a blast powerful enough to blow up anything metallic around them.

In an experiment on the 27th of October 1968 in the Californian desert, Cecil Baumgartner, representing the top management of the TRW aerospace corporation and others witnessed the detonation of one of the engine cylinders. In full public view, just a few cubic centimeters of the inert gas mixture was injected into the cylinder using a hypodermic needle. When the gas was electrically triggered, the thick steel walls of the cylinder were burst open in a dramatic way.

Papp demonstrated the abilities of such a motor and how to convert a regular engine into an inert gas engine to a committee formed by members of the Naval Underseas Warfare Laboratory. They sealed the demonstration room, for Papp or others not to insert explosives in the engine’s cylinders as part of some hoax.

Josef’s first working inert gas engine was the engine of a 90hp Volvo, having the intake and the exhaust removed. The engine’s head was replaced with his own design. The engine ran for demonstration for about 35 minutes, generated a constant power of 300hp at about 4000 rpm. The electrical power needed for the engine’s input was produced by a standard engine alternator, which was also able to charge the car’s battery at the same time.

This prototype is able to run under water, because everything is running inside, with no communication to the outside world. It uses nothing but inert gases, electric energy and some other energy (maybe the zero-point energy), in this manner achieving over-unity. But it’s NOT a perpetual motion in the sense that its output exceeds its ONLY input. All over-unity systems are fed with some other juice than the one seen. If the Sun can feed solar batteries, so can this unrecognized energy feed other systems built to harness it. It is not to be denied in any form.

A video showing a guy that built such a prototype by himself can be found here.

I hope I managed to stir some interest in you for this engine or for the passion of just knowing possibilities and knowing more about “free” energy devices (in fact, everything comes at a price, but the energy should come not from a bath tub, but from a universal ocean:) ).

This is an older post, I posted on cars-and-trees.com. It had a comment from one of Joseph’s collaborators, Bob Rohner, clarifying some of the aspects of the invention. I reproduce it below:


  1. Bob Rohner | rohnermachine.com“guy that built such a prototype by himself”. To set the record straight, I built all the engines seen in any videos, not Sabori.Your article is a fine introduction to the Papp engine. If your viewers wish to discover more they should come on over to http://www.rohnermachine.com to see and read much more about the concept.

    By the way – blast refers to a thermodynamic process – with sealed cylinders, the driving force could not have been Heat.

    Bob Rohner

  2. Ovidiu | [email protected] Bob,Thank you for your reply to my article. I posted another article on my blog about your work and Joseph Papp’s engine. I also transcripted the PDF with the article from Don Rosen (from your website), if that is ok on your side. If not, I will delete it and make a link to the original one.
    The article is here

    Jan 11, 12:39 PM “

If you want more details, you may look at one PDF describing in more believable details the Josef Papp engine here.

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