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Kia Soul EV to Have 85% Recyclable Materials


kiasoul Kia is set to make an electric version of the Soul in 2014 from the 2013 model. The Kia Soul is an urban cross-over that is smaller than an SUV and is lower to the ground. The 2014 Soul will be an all-electric version, not a hybrid. And the materials will be 85% recyclable.

The gas-powered Soul is already affordable, with its base price at $14,400. Working from a pre-existing, gas-powered model works to Kia’s advantage because the 2013 model is already a favorite among drivers. So, a move to an electric version is a smart move on Kia’s part.

There are a couple advantages to driving this vehicle. The obvious fact is that it’s electric. Not only does this limit one’s carbon footprint by having no emissions, but it saves money that would otherwise be used for gas. The other cool feature of this vehicle is that the materials are 85% recyclable. Many items such as personal computers, bottles, and cans are understood to be recyclable. Recycling car materials is new. This is very important for the environment, however because at the end of a car’s life it ends up in a junkyard, and in some cases, leaks toxins into the environment.

A CUV is a better alternative to the SUV due to its affordability and compact design. But, electric is even better. Kia is pursuing affordability and sustainability and joining the green car revolution.

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