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KLM to Introduce New Weekly Bio-Fueled Transatlantic Flights


green airplaneDutch carrier KLM is planning to introduce weekly transatlantic flights that will be running solely on biofuels obtained from old cooking oil. This marks an important step towards satisfying the ever-growing demand for sustainable air travel.

With this move, then, KLM offers commuters between Amsterdam and New York the option to reduce their air travel emission of carbon dioxide.

Specialists in aviation biofuel, SkyNRG, will be producing the fuel. KLM acknowledged the support of its partners in a statement confirming the “joint effects and expanded cooperation” of KLM themselves together with Delta Air Lines, Schiphol Group, the Port Authorities of New Jersey and New York and also other contributors to KLM’s Corporate BioFuel Program.

The current plan comes as no surprise as KLM has recently been seeking ways to develop carbon fuels with lower emissions. The Dutch airline also has plans for its corporate customers with the likes of Nike, Philips, Heineken and Accenture being privy to their own choice of flights that use biofuels, so these companies can also reduce their carbon emissions.

The move also follows the current trend of major airlines putting a lot of investment money in biofuel technology, particularly those made from algae and other waste substances. This comes in view of increased customer demand and the recent EU decision to levy carbon emissions by airlines.

The levy would apply to both arrivals and departures within Europe, but has recently hit a snag with mounting pressure from countries outside the EU like China and the US.

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