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New Korean Li-Ion Battery Lasting 8 Times More


South Korean professor Jaephil Cho (and, of course, a team of his students) from Hanyung University have developed a lithium-ion battery that lasts eight times longer than the actual models do.

Quantumsphere, on the other hand, presented last september a Li-Ion battery that lasts five times more than traditional ones.

Cho’s invention is seemingly kept in secret, but some say that the dramatic increase in the battery’s life is due to replacing the graphite in the battery with 3D porous silicon particles, which seem to keep more of the charge.

Anyway, more details have to appear before one can take this news for granted, and maybe invest in it. Further investigations have to be made (especially financial ones), to be sure that it is a feasible invention, and it does not charge the final user eight times more.

This is a short piece of news. I don’t know why everybody in the blogosphere keeps it so short, but they do (I begin sounding like Wikipedia)! If you know any other information, please feel free to share it with us, through the comments section below. Thanks.

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