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A Better Lithium Ion Battery May Have Been Created, in Austria


Elektromobilitäts / Kreisel ElectricElectric vehicles might become the modern form of future transportation. Perhaps, this would explain the three men whose recent design is expected to compete with current vehicular batteries.

The battery claim has not been entirely backed up evidence just yet, but apparently three brothers in Freistadt designed a lighter lithium ion battery.

The Kreisel brothers created a lithium ion battery weighing 9 lbs per kWh. Tesla Model S has a battery that weighs 16 lbs per kWh.

Many individuals are curious to find out how the brothers designed this new lithium ion battery. What made it different than current batteries by the top notch vehicle companies? Compared to the traditional process of welding individual cells together to create a lithium ion battery, the Kreisel brothers connected the cells via lasers.

According to the Kreisel website, “Kreisel Electric battery cells feature a patented casing that is constantly flushed with liquid. This means that combined with a heat pump, the battery can be heated or cooled very efficiently. This significantly increases range and service life as a result.”

The Kreisel claim that the battery life is extended comes from the fact that the individual cells do not need to be heated as much compared to current practices. Inside of the battery also lies the heating and cooling system, deemed thermal management, which keeps the temperature stable.

It remains to be seen whether or not the Kreisel electric vehicle, formerly a Porsche 911, with the alternative lithium ion battery will be successful. Vehicle companies such as Volkswagen, however, are already investigating the promising development.

Volkswagen ordered an e-Golf equipped with the Kreisel battery in order to test it out. Even with the Kreisel brothers constructing a battery factory, estimated to provide batteries for 8,000 cars per year, the new battery remains a mystery.


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