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LaFerrari vs Tesla vs Rimac ConceptOne Drag Race- See Who Wins



If you thought that your Tesla P90D or that brand-new LaFerrari you just bought were going to bring you acceleration supremacy on the road, check out this guy: the Rimac ConceptOne – a fully electric hypercar that beats almost anything.

With its 1,088 horsepower and the HUGE 1,600 Nm of torque, the vehicle made by Rimac Automobili in Croatia isn’t a toy, but it also can’t seat 5 or 7 people inside. However, it’s got the advantage of being powerful, sexy and lighter than the Tesla.

So check out the video and tell the worls what you think by commenting below.

Well, this is just a drag race – but if we talk about sustainability, mass production, mass adoption, size, usefulness, charging ability, Tesla made a much more complete product than the other two.

So even if it jets off the line like a champ, the Rimac is just a car that’s been made for fun, while Tesla is surely the winner. Oh, and you can buy about 9 Teslas for the price of a Rimac.

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