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Largest Offshore Wind Farm Planned in Netherlands


wind-farmThe Dutch never stopped their work on wind turbines, and that’s because Holland is a very windy country. Wind energy will probably be harnessed as well from Tromp Binnen offshore wind farm whose plans have been submitted by RWE to the Dutch Public Works and Water Management Authority. The plans will first be assessed for environmental impact.

RWE is among Europe’s five largest utilities active in the generation and transmission as well as the sale and trading of electricity and gas.

The wind farm will be made from 59 wind turbines and will have an approximately capacity of 300 MW. Cables leading to shore will transport the energy which will be transformed on a station on the coast of Velsen-Noord. This will be the largest wind farm in North Sea ever made and it will be the furthest from the shores.

Total cost of the wind farm is around $206-million, unusually financed by loans guaranteed by future sales. The first six wind turbines, the world’s largest, must be complete until next year.

RWE wants to build the wind farm 75 kilometers off the shore of Callantsoog. RWE submitted since February 2008 few other proposals to the dutch authorities to build at least two major offshore wind farms in the Netherlands. The project proposed by RWE has a total output of 2000MW of electricity and if approved it could be the largest offshore wind farm project in the world. For this project, the dutch will use a new technique: the piles will not be buried anymore into the ground. Concrete pedestals will be used instead.

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