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Leaders In The Global PV Market: Germany, China and North America


shutterstock_96602731-2-570x380Research done by NPD Solarbuzz analysis placed Germany, China and North America in the top 10 photovoltaic (PV) global market chart of 2012.

The incredible 26% of the PV market share goes to Germany, because of their increase in volume on year-on-year basis. China is following with 16%, with enormous gains and advance of its market on year-on-year basis of 70%. They even managed to pass Italy and bring them down to the forth place with 11%. The third prize goes to the North American Market- the U.S and Canada with 12%

Only in the third quarter of 2012, in the U.S alone there was an increase of 44% compared to the same time in 2011, with 684 megawatts of new installed solar capacity.

Within the top ten, we also see Japan (7%); sixth France (4%); seventh Greece (3%); eighth Australia (3%); ninth India (2%) and the United Kingdom was tenth (2%).

Top ten represented 14% of the global market share in 2012, and they made up 86% of world PV demand.

Although the leaders showed massive increases, some countries with a market share of around 3% showed increase in their volume by more than 40%.

The predictions for year 2013 place China on the leading spot, and bring Japan up to number four. According to Brian Barker, a Senior Analyst with NPD Solar Buzz, the market that was once dominated by European countries is now being changed with other leading economies taking over the top spots in the leader boards.

Such shift can only be beneficial to the industry, as the risk of strong demand swings in a single country is reduced.

We also observe drops in the prices of solar energy and installation, however NPD fears that there might be some trade conflicts and concerns over Chinese capacity levels in year 2013.

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