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Environmentalists Appeal Against Arctic Nations’ Oil Spill Plans


lloyds-of-london-arctic-report-1-537x368Environmentalists appealed on Monday that Arctic nations do not have clear plans about cooperation over oil spills.

The eight-nation Arctic Council, which is expecting approval this coming May, released a statement that the countries in the region should maintain a national system for responding effectively and immediately to incidents with oil pollution.

The problem has originated as major companies in the oil business have begun searching for oil in the north, disregarding risks and costs.

This triggered the concern of environmental groups and scientists, who state that the Arctic region should be off limits to drilling, and councils should improve their policies in order to prevent oil spills.

The Arctic Council, however, concluded that the region now has areas where the ice has melted and exploration can take place. They promise that there will be a number of improvements, allowing international cooperation in case of emergency, by setting up emergency contacts in eight nations.

The Arctic Document does not bind countries to assist and invest, but it is rather a subject to capabilities of the parties and the availability of relevant resources. The document also states that the polluter will be responsible, which means that oil companies will pay for damage.

The council comprises of the United States, Russia, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Denmark including Greenland.

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