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LEDs Improve People’s Health and Wellbeing, Besides Being Energy-Efficient


welltemperedNew research in the field of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) is being conducted at the TU Darmstadt’s Institute for Lighting Technologies, with a main focus on human perception, health and wellbeing.

The main advantage of LEDs, and the reason why they are being increasingly used as streetlights, automobile taillights, and indoor building lighting systems, is the fact that they emit more light for much less electric-power dissipation.

Scientists from the TU Darmstadt’s Institute for Lighting Technology, one of the leading German institutes in the field, however, are now testing other benefits of the devices, besides saving energy. According to Professor Tran Quoc Khanh, LEDs not only can improve health and wellbeing of students and senior citizens, but also can  increase the enthusiasm of shoppers and improve the conditions for viewing artwork.

The progress in LED technology has been remarkable over the past two decades. The efficiency and quality of the lighting is much better than any other lighting source. LEDs can also be adjusted to provide the optimal colour fidelity, as pointed out by Prof. Khanh. This is something of a high importance  in places like art museums, galleries, supermarkets and showrooms, where enhanced colours determine profits.

In addition, lighting plays a major role in people’s lifestyle and wellbeing. Adjusting the LED to the right colour composition, can benefit greatly mood, motivation and even locomotive abilities. Khanh is currently working on a joint project with Chinese partners, testing the health effects LEDs have in schools and offices.

In addition, the professor states that people’s culture and perceptions to lighting vary based on their origin. Considering this could enhance the technology and aid adjusting it according to the needs of the people from different parts of the world.


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