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ESL Light Bulbs: Greener Than CFL, Cheaper Than LEDs


Ever since Edison invented his famous light bulb that’s probably providing light to you right now, people have not been pleased and keep searching for alternative lighting solutions.

Residential Lighting has invented a new type of light bulb, that claims green gains, even more green than the CFLs. The new technology is called ESL (electro-stimulated luminescence). The technology was patented in June by a startup company called “Vu1”.

These new light bulbs have a phosphor coating that is stimulated by accelerated electrons inside them. In contrast, incandescent bulbs run a current through a filament inside the bulbs, and LEDs stimulate semiconductors to create light.

The ESL technology does not involve the mercury than CFL technology does, and it is cheaper than LEDs, because the light bulbs’ manufacturing does not use that much energy.

ESL bulbs are estimated to have a price of $12, about the same price the CFL, offer 6,000 working hours with an output of 40 lumens/watt, and will be available for the market starting this September.

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  1. I must disagreed Edison light globe is a favorite in my decorating needs, particularly now with it reduction in the home. To me there is nothing more pleasant than the single light globe hanging from a ceiling. This new bohemian minimal look is something I seek to achieve when designing a look for the fashionable young. It is actually sad to me that we now have increased the amount of light fittings since CFL has been introduced. Have we reduced our energy consumption really?

  2. Pure Spectrum has now patented a CFL build that is fully dimmable(no flicker or dying out), instant on, cold to the touch, highest power factor(.96), and the energy usage is proportional to the dimming level, the light output is that of an incandescent and the price will be in the $4-$6 range. This is the answer to the NEW CFL!

    The have numerous patents and are manufacturing and filling orders now worldwide. Utility companies are buying them up in the droves for their free distribution program. The utility companies love them because it costs them less to deliver the power to these bulbs due to the extremely High Power Factor. …which means the utility companies charge you less!

    The also have a dimmable ballast for linear fluorescents(yes, you will be able to dim fluorescents), also at a fraction of the cost of normal ballast due to the fewer parts that they use in the ballast. This will be huge, imagine a high rise office building in which the fluorescent lights dim with the amount of sunlight coming in,….daylight harvesting at a fraction of the cost…HUGE SAVINGS.

    Hopefully the bulbs will be on Home Depot and Wal Mart shelves soon.

  3. Do you/they have stats comparing the energy use/output & how different/better they are than CFLs? $12 is certainly better than LEDs, but nowhere close to CFLs, which are ~$2, at least in California.


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