Lexus Hybrids Muddying Electric Vehicle Waters

Electric Vehicles Have Enough Opponents, Lexus!
Electric Vehicles Have Enough Opponents, Lexus!

Look anywhere, at politicians, journalists, ignorantes, even in some of the comments here on The Green Optimistic, and you’ll find electric vehicle opponents.

One place I wouldn’t expect have expected to see an opponent, however, comes from a recent ad campaign touting Lexus’ and, by extension, Toyota’s hybrid electric vehicles. Toyota Synergy Drive and Lexus Hybrid Drive are, indeed, the most advanced on the planet, but the ad campaign doesn’t focus on those facts. Instead, Lexus focuses on some classic electric vehicle opponent hype. It’s bad enough that this hype is already out there, “Electric vehicles are environmental abominations” (they’re not), and “Electric vehicles take ‘forever’ to recharge” (they don’t).

I’m not sure who came up with this ad campaign, but I believe that Lexus dropped the ball when they approved this trash

Statements inferring that “electric vehicles need four hours to recharge” and “no charging means more driving” just don’t belong on the market. Studies have shown that most charging takes place when drivers are asleep or at work, and there’s no driving going on at those times, so an LII EV charging station doesn’t impact the owner in the least. Public-access fast-charging stations, typically located at rest stops and near convenience stores and restaurants, charge in about half-an-hour, meaning electric vehicle drivers are hardly “waiting around” for their cars to charge. Lexus says Lexus Hybrid Drive is the “proven way forward,” and I agree that hybrid electric vehicles are a good interim step, but are they the future? I believe Lexus dropped the ball on this one.

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