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Leyden to Provide High-Performance Cylindrical Batteries for Toyota Grand Prix Dream Car


Wouldn’t you want the best for your own “dream car”? If you had the chance to build one yourself, wouldn’t you use the best parts and products? Then you understand Michael Kadie, owner of SSI Racing, when he says all their cars are “crafted with blood, sweat and tears.”

Sounds like a passionate person, but when you read about their new partnership with Leyden Energy Inc., you’ll agree he’s also very smart.

SSI’s Dream Car is a converted 1965 coupe, beating up three world records and able to accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in just three seconds. This is an excellent performance coming from… an electric car! For its participation at this weekend’s Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, California, SSI Racing is using Leyden’s battery cells. Why? Because they are simply the best!

The patented cell technology makes it possible for the company to deliver market-leading lithium-ion batteries, in what their energy density, product life and safety are concerned. The cylindrical batteries are able to meet these standards even in a high temperature environment, setting them apart from other iron-phosphate batteries. So, in other words, you can still have a high power and high density battery performing in the high temperatures of a commercial or car-kit electric vehicle.

The event’s attendants will also face the E2/SSI Electric Conversion Kit with the E2 drive train and the new Interchangeable Leyden Battery Module, designed for different car and small truck configurations.

After their testing and “polishing up,” these two will make up the first complete electric vehicle conversion kit to be acquired on the market. As Aaker Patel, Leyden CEO, put it: “you do not have to sacrifice power to be environmentally friendly.”

[via BusinessWire]

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