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World's Fastest Electric Bike Sets New Speed Record: Over 200 mph


Lightning Motorcycles’ SuperBike became the world’s fastest electric bike after it managed to set a speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats of over 200 mph. So far no other electric motorcycle has been able to reach it.

The SuperBike was able to break its own 2010 record of 173 mph. It features an Ener1 battery pack and a Remy HVH250 electric motor.

According to the Lightning Motorcycles team, this electric bike has a combined city/highway range of 150 miles and over 100 miles on the freeway. It can be bought from the company’s website at a price of $38,888.

Paul Thede, the champion driver of the electric SuperBike is considered a motorcycle suspension guru, as he created the Lightning SuperBike’s suspension system from scratch. Thede stated that “breaking the 200 mph mark on an electric motorcycle was special not just for the numbers but because it is a step toward green technology.”


[via Physorg]

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