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Lithium-Air Batteries Now Working Without Lithium


A lithiated silicon-carbon anode can be used as a replacement for lithium in lithium-air batteries. This is the conclusion of a study done by researchers at three international academic institutes- University of Rome Sapienza (Italy), Argonne National Laboratory (United States) and Hanyang University (South Korea).

Although these new batteries have lower voltage and lower capacity, they would be safer and have higher energy density than conventional lithium-ion batteries.

Considering that lithium-air batteries can store up to the impressive 11,140 Wh/kg, while being light in weight, no wonder big company like IBM are amongst the providers of these items.

A prototype of a battery running on the proposed anode for powering electric vehicles would be safe, affordable and light, and therefore would provide higher performance, higher efficiency and longer driving range. Such invention definitely has the potential to stimulate more and more people to finally make that step and forget about their diesel vehicles.

Via: Clean Technica

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