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LITX G700, The Graphene Additive That May Boost Electric Car Batteries


A new graphene-based additive for lithium ion batteries has been launched by Cabot Corp. The company claims that their LITX G700 can effectively upgrade the energy-storing performance.

Cabot’s conductive additive has been designed specially for electric vehicle usage and high-end consumer electronics, but it’s cheaper then other additives, namely carbon nanotubes.

The LITX G700 occupies less space in the lithium ion battery and hence lets more space for the actual energy storage materials, because it uses graphene, which is a sheet of carbon just one atom thick.

Its mechanical strength, electrical and thermal conductivity, along with other useful properties make graphene the material of choice for many of today’s revolutionary technologies.

“Cabot is committed to becoming the key performance additives supplier to the lithium-ion battery industry,” said Gregg Smith, general manager, Cabot Energy Materials. “Our new graphene-based additive is bringing a new leading-edge material to the market. We have been working closely with our customers to help deliver solutions that will increase and extend the performance of their current and next generation battery cells.”

We’re eager to see the first lithium ion battery made with the LITX G700 and its performance figures (kWh/mile) for EVs.

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