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Locally Grown Biofuels Promoted and Funded by U.S. Government


The Obama Administration wants to help the biofuel industry develop. The government is thus investing $8.9 million to award nine companies in seven states for improving their genetic breeding programs for creating plants better suited for biofuel.

“Developing a domestic source of renewable energy will create jobs and wealth in rural America, combat global warming, replace our dependence on foreign oil, and build a stronger foundation for the 21st century economy,” USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack said. “This scientific investment will lay the foundation for a source of fuel made from renewable sources.”

“Cost-effective, sustainable biofuels are crucial to building a clean energy economy,” said Secretary of Energy Steven Chu. “By harnessing the power of science and technology, this joint effort between DOE and USDA will help accelerate research in the critical area of plant feedstocks.”

Out of the collaboration between DOE and USDA, accelerated development of biofuel crops will be born, and will help reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign fossil fuels.

Myke Feinman, publisher of the Illinois-based Biofuels Journal, said that 10 percent of the fuel in the U.S. is created from corn crops, and that the new biofuel producing plants will also decrease the CO2 output of burning fuels, because the overall emissions of producing ethanol from corn is far less than that of burning fossil fuels.

The program emphasizes the need to grow the future crops on lands that are not suited for growing food crops – this is essential to keep the food industry unaltered by the need (greed) for energy.

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