Mitsubishi Proposes Highway Mobile Chargers for Electric Vehicles

The Vehicular Technology Conference, hosted in Ottawa, Canada, next week, will be the place where Zafer Sahinoglu at the Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and his colleagues will present an innovation aimed to patch the issues electric cars and their limited battery range have: the mobile battery charger.

The system will only need 5 mobile chargers to cover 100 kilometers of highway and charge around 100 EVs. A centralized dispatcher will communicate with the cars’ computers and will send the mobile charging units in the areas where most of them will have drained their batteries, for a quick-charge.

In order to reduce the load on the grid, the mobile battery chargers will recharge themselves during the night. This will also ensure they will get the electricity with less money. The idea is not bad at all, considering most of the cars planned to show up in the not so distant future won’t be able to travel for more than 150 miles.

Still, for this system to work properly, cars would need to feature faster charging technologies, like those proposed by JFE Engineering.

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