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Logitech Keyboard K760 Goes Solar


A state-of-the-art solar-powered keyboard called K760 has been invented by Logitech closely following the release of K750 and Solar Keyboard Folio especially designed for the iPad. The computer accessories manufacturing giant has designed and made K760 into what could indeed redeem users from the slavery of energy dependency. With classic features like Bluetooth connectivity, this remarkable piece of green technology will pair up with products from Apple in a bid to come up with enjoyable user interfaces.

The K760 has features that are just a perfect exhibition of class, compatibility and aesthetics. Although the two previous models are good, what makes the K760 better is that it comes with Bluetooth connectivity thus it easily pairs up with any Apple products.

Users will find it easier to interact with their Apple gadgets through this keyboard. Moreover, it comes with a glossy design which is what makes it different from the previous models that come with shiny appearances. Apparently, this appearance is preferred because it does not collect dust and fingerprints.

This wireless solar keyboard is designed following a minimalistic yet attractive design thus it complements the design of most Apple devices. Moreover, this type of keyboard also allows connectivity with three devices so the users can easily switch from one gadget to another without the hassles of reconnection.

Armed with a lot of features such as the Mac-specific keys for brightness control, command and eject, the users can easily adapt to using the keyboards because of the familiarity it provides. On the other hand, the concave and evenly-spaced keys contribute to its ergonomic design making it not feel too small or too big. There are also several solar panels that the line the top of the keyboard which add to both to its function and design. Near the solar panels is the power button.

On a full charge, the K760 can last for three months thus allowing the users to make significant savings on energy. Moreover, it can also charge by means of artificial indoor or outdoor lighting. This particular keyboard is perfect among people who put high priority on eco-friendly devices. This keyboard eco-friendly having not been made from PVC and it comes with a packaging made from recycled materials thereby contributing minimal risks to the environment. The K760 is still in its pre-selling stage and will be available in the US and European shores this month. With a price tag of $79.99, this keyboard is definitely a bargain.

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