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400 Million Eco-Friendly Mobile Phones to Be Shipped by 2017


Planning on buying a Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate Android? Go for it: it’s 80% recycled! In case you ever felt guilty about how much you paid for your cell phone, it’s time you soon ditched that fear: Juniper Research relieves our conscience by predicting a shipping of 392 million “green” handsets by 2017.

Cellular News provides us with more details: this year alone will see the transportation of 31 million of these cell phones made out of 50% recycled content and no dangerous chemicals. This means there will be 13 times more “green” cell phones on the market. So, if you’re going to treat yourself to something expensive, why not do it with the environment in mind!…

In the end, why is this information so important? To be honest, it’s the entire cycle of phones that needs re-thinking, from the re-using old gadgets to signaling which ones have recycled materials in them. It all has to start from the mobile network operators, because it’s in their power to develop more e-cycling programs and eco-rating systems for the public.

However, thanks to this initiative, we too can do our little bit: it’s a first step in making people more conscious of the need to protect the environment. This has a lot more chances of being heard, since the number of people using a cell phone reaches half of the globe’s population. Also, people active in the fight for habitats and their species will be able to better stay in touch, while the apps and software offered by smartphones help us change our lifestyle.

In conclusion, since they contribute to cloud IT operations, a measure like this is exactly what the environment needs: considering everything is “going green” in our lives, why not start with our phones?

[via Treehugger]

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