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2012 Spring in U.S. Was the Hottest Ever, NOAA Scientists Conclude

Enjoy spring while you still can

The effects of global warming are starting to be felt more and more. NOAA scientists said that the continental U.S. experienced the warmest spring since they started recording the temperatures in 1901.

“Spring 2012 marked the largest temperature departure from average of any season on record for the contiguous United States,” the scientists said.

This year’s spring average of 57.1 degrees Fahrenheit is 5.2 degrees higher than the average from 1901 to 2000. The previous warmest spring had only been recorded in 1910, but even that one was 2 degrees Fahrenheit lower.

Even though the U.S. is officially not the largest greenhouse gas emitter anymore, the role has been taken by China. It’s a no-brainer seeing why China is polluting more than the U.S.: they produce everything cheaply, while the U.S. and all the industrialized and consuming countries produce everything in China.

This looks like a NIMBY (not-in-my-backyard) approach from the other states to only blame it on the world’s largest producer of anything. China wouldn’t pollute that much if we didn’t have them produce stuff for us!

Anyway, time is passing, scientists are more and more worried with each year, and our legacy to our children will only be a deserted island called Earth in the middle of nowhere, with no boat and no map.

We still use to call Earth home, but not for long.

[via phys.org]

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