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London Introduces Hybrid Buses That Charge Wirelessly at Bus Stops


fa236b42-7b5c-49ad-b45c-b1557904076f-460x276In their efforts to bring down carbon emissions, London’s city officials are looking into launching new hybrid buses, which can be charged wirelessly at bus stops. The official trial will begin next year with four buses operating between the specially equipped Canning Town and Walthamstow bus stations.

The hybrid buses are Alexander Dennis Enviro400H E400 model with diesel-electric engines. Both the vehicles and the bus stops will be fitted with special equipment that will allow wireless battery charging every time the bus stops at the stations to pick up passengers.

The initiative is co-funded by the Zero Emissions Urban Bus System (Zeeus), and it is a part of the green bus scheme of the Transport of London (TfL). Through this scheme, TfL has already introduced a few pure electric buses, zero-emission hydrogen buses and close to 800 hybrid buses to the streets of the UK’s capital.

Although it is not yet entirely clear what can be expect from this new technology in terms of reduction in emissions, according to the announcement released last week, the diesel mode will be used only as a back up. TfL spokespeople claim that for most of the time the vehicles will operate in all-electric mode, which ultimately means zero emissions.

The hopes are that this latest high-tech charging technology will exceed the expectations and perform greatly during the trials. If this comes true, then it is likely that it gets adopted on many more routes within London.


Although London still has a long way to go before they can officially say they tackled the city’s pollution problems, their quest to introduce green technologies is working out quite nicely. Various eco-friendly initiatives and programs are already in motion, and it seems there are many more coming up.

The only thing left now is to try and get the rest of the cities in the UK (and beyond) on board.

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