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Los Angeles Police Department Testing ZERO Electric Motorcycles

ZERO MMX Electric Motorcycle on Trial by LAPD
ZERO MMX Electric Motorcycle on Trial by LAPD

The late 1970s TV series CHiPs would have been very different, especially if they had replaced the Kawasaki KZ-900 and KZ-1000C1 with ZERO MMX electric motorcycles.

After all, what would a typical CHiPs California Highway Patrol) motorcycle chase scene be like without the loud BRRAAAAAAPPPP of the pursuit vehicle? Actually, that noise is one of the things that LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) is testing out with a new electric motorcycle pilot program. The ZERO MMX is a military-grade electric motorcycle, on loan to the LAPD, and other police department nationwide, as part of a pilot project testing the viability of this unique mode of transportation.

Motorcycles, in general, are less-expensive to run, and far more maneuverable, which makes them more effective in heavy traffic, in California, for example, the undisputed home of the traffic jam. An accelerating motorcycle is hardly stealthy, however, and anyone with mal intent and within earshot will hear, if not feel, their impending incarceration, giving them the perfect chance to escape. An electric motorcycle, however, is just shy of silent, and the bad guys won’t know what just snuck up on them until it’s too late.

Of course, besides being fast, maneuverable, and stealthy, the LAPD ZERO MMX electric motorcycles being tested are also ridiculously cheap to operate, about 50¢ per day, as opposed to gassing up the gas-guzzling Crown Victoria. Finally, as if we needed to mention, electric motorcycles are nearly emissions-free, depending on how you charge them. Right now, it’s just a pilot program, but a military-grade electric motorcycle just might fit the bill for the LAPD’s future patrol fleet.

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