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Magenn’s Floating Wind Turbines: Free Power Anywhere


magennblimp1Seeing that regular wind turbines produce electricity at a rate of about 20 to 25%, Magenn Power thought of an air-floating wind turbine that would revolutionize the way these energy machines are made.

MARS is a Wind Power Anywhere solution with several distinct advantages over the existing Conventional Wind Turbines and Diesel Generating Systems including: global deployment, lower costs, better operational performance, and greater environmental advantages.

MARS is can be deployed anywhere in the world, and is particularly useful for disaster areas, third world countries and developing countries, where traditional wind turbines cannot be built for financial reasons. The list goes on, because anyone could buy such a wind turbine, put it in the backyard and produce cheap electricity.

The MARS wind turbine is lifted by helium, and it floats at an altitude of 1000 feet above the ground where it can easily capture any kind of winds, whether they’re as slow as 4mph or as fast as 60mph. Speed is not a big problem here.Traditional wind turbines can be torn apart by heavy winds, this being at the same time a big financial loss (they cost a lot compared to these floating ones – think about how much concrete is in there, how many work hours, and then think that the floating wind turbine is only a bigger balloon, much cheaper and lighter).

The only issue would be to have a cable strong enough to hold it properly onto the ground, otherwise it would lift so high that it would finally explode because of the low air pressure up there. MARS is bird and bat friendly with lower noise emissions and is capable of operating in a wider range of wind speeds, as I said before.

MARS can complement a diesel electricity generator by offering a combined diesel-wind power solution that delivers power below 20 cents per kWh. This compares to a wide range of 25 cents to 99 cents per kWh for diesel-alone, reflecting the high fuel and transportation costs in remote areas. The MARS combined solution allows lower pollution and green house gas emissions. It also results in lower handling, transporting, and storage costs.

Only one of these wind turbines is capable of producing 1000kWh of electricity, while traditional ones can produce 5000kWh. It’s ok to use 5 of these instead of one big old wind mill.

That’s my opinion. What is yours? You’re welcome to comment below.

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