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How to Make Shiny Roof Shingles From Recycled Aluminum Cans


recycled-aluminum-can-roof-shinglesAluminum pollution has attracted quite a bit of attention lately, especially since the concentrations of the element in cosmetics and shampoos were found to be much higher than our bodies or the environment can handle.

Another major source of polluting aluminum is cans that are dumped in landfills, when they can be recycled easily. Here is an idea.

Yesterday, we published a DIY guide for turning unwanted beer and soda cans into a fully functioning system that gives you free heating. Today’s piece will give you another idea for making use of these old aluminum cans so that they are not only given a new purpose, but also do not end up in landfills. Let’s make roof shingles.

The full 8-step tutorial can be found on Instructables, provided by user robbtoberfest, but I will give you a brief summary here to help you make up your mind. The quantities of the materials needed for this DIY project will be sufficient for covering a roof area of 24″ by 24″, which is around the size of a dog house in the garden, or a small storage-type garden structure. Needless to say, if you would like to cover a bigger area, you should increase the numbers accordingly.

Assuming that you are equipped with the willingness to get your hands working and the time to spend on a fun construction project, the most essential item on the list would be the cans. To cover the roof area mentioned above, you will need between 36 and 50 standard size aluminum cans from beer or soda (here I should probably mention that they should be empty). In addition to this, you will require a hardwood board, two metal square rods and a few tools including a hammer, a chisel, scissors, a staple gun and a circular saw.  Please do take care of your personal safety by using gloves at all times and the appropriate outfit.

The outcome of this afternoon project guarantees satisfaction. The roof shingles will look like brand new, they will function just like the expensive ones you can buy in stores, but the biggest difference will be that every single one of yours will make a big difference for the environment.

Here’s the link.

Image (c) robbtoberfest

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