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Italian Football Club President Invests in Romanian Wind Power


It may seem weird, but the president of the Internazionale Milano football club , Massimo Moratti, is looking to invest in wind power. He is currently analyzing the opportunity of further developing the wind farm in the Romanian county of Dobrogea, and several other similar projects.

“The Dobrogea project is only making its first steps, but we wish to start is as soon as possible. This proves our wish of doing something, otherwise we wouldn’t have come in your country. As time will pass, we’ll see what other projects we could get going right here,” said Moratti, in a press conference at the Italian Embassy in Bucharest, on the occasion of Italy’s national holiday.

According to him, the wind farm in Dobrogea will first have a capacity of about 100 MW, and will grow with the investment. Saras, the company owned by the Moratti family and led by Massimo Moratty, already has projects totaling about 160 MW in Dobrogea.

He also met Romanian President Traian Basescu and several other authorities. This welcoming attitude by the Romanian officials isn’t something to wonder about, since the company Saras leads already owns about 15 percent of Italy’s petrol refining capacity. At the same time, Saras owns some 4 TWh a year production capacity in Italy, and biodiesel factories able to process around 200.000 tons a year.

The fact that petrol magnates are starting to own more and more renewable energy projects isn’t something new. Saras is only one of the smallest, although the numbers above may seem impressive. Companies like BP, Shell and others are already involved in renewable energy, which only means the seriousness of this and some other related industries in the future.

[via agrofm/green report]

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