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AeroVironment EV Fast Charging Stations To Be Installed Along Oregon's I-5


The Oregon Department of Transportation announced a few days ago that the state is planning to equip a portion of Interstate 5 with Level 3 DC fast-charging stations. AeroVironment is the company that will provide these electric-vehicle charging stations to be installed throughout a 150-mile stretch of the I-5 highway.

For those who do not know, Interstate 5 is the main highway that runs north to south through western U.S.. The EV charging stations will be placed starting with the Oregon’s Willamette Valley to the California-Oregon state line.

The 480-volt Level 3 chargers will be able to recharge the batteries of a wide range of electric vehicles such as Subaru R1e, Nissan Leaf or Mitsubishi i-MiEV. According to AeroVironment, the owners of these electric vehicles should not stay for more than 30 minutes to recharge the car’s batteries.

The company also stated that the stations will become operational by the end of this year. “Fast charging stations along high-traffic transportation corridors will help make driving electric vehicles between communities a viable option for Oregonians,” Oregon Department of Transportation Director Art James said in a statement.

[via CNet]

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