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Mazda to Use Its Efficient Rotary Engine as Hydrogen-Powered Range Extender in Future EVs


Recent news spread by Mazda President Takahashi Yamanouchi (to Nikkei) say that the company will use their innovative and unique rotary engine to act as a range extender for their future electric car.

This is somewhat copying GM’s model, but Mazda wants to go a step further: they want to fuel the rotary internal combustion engine with hydrogen. Yes, you read right – hy-dro-gen. They won’t use a hydrogen fuel cell, but will burn the gas directly.

Ok, you may ask, but then why complicate to integrate an electric motor in the contraption? Well, think about the fuel economy of the Chevy Volt, which is in part powered by “dirty” gasoline. Now think of hydrogen which burns and leaves no tailpipe fumes behind, whatsoever.

Think even further that such a car won’t sip a drop of fuel while driving in-town or waiting in long lines. Think that this car will have the torque of an electric motor coupled with a high-performance and high-efficiency engine. Neat.

[via gas2]

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