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Mercedes Benz B-Class Electric Vehicle, Powered by Tesla Motors

Mercedes Benz B-Class Electric Drive - Coming Next Year
Mercedes Benz B-Class Electric Drive – Coming Next Year

The first Benz electric vehicle at $500,000 is out of reach of most of the buying public, but their second one might be a little more down to earth.

We recently covered the announcement of the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG ED [Electric Drive], which is nothing less than a very powerful and very expensive beast of an electric vehicle. Benz probably won’t make a whole lot of money on such a vehicle, but their second one, a B-Class, should be somewhat more affordable. The B-Class body is staying the same, but Benz is ripping out the conventional powertrain and replacing it with a Tesla Motors sourced electric powertrain.

Benz isn’t giving much in the way of specific information, but suggests that it will generate better than 100kW and not quite 230lb•ft of torque. It should have 115mi range and charge in four hours on an LII charger, which makes it maybe 30kWh total capacity. When its coming out or how much they’ll sell their new electric vehicle for is still being kept close to the chest, but we do know that it’ll be the only B-Class here in the US. The price is expected to be a little more down to earth though, putting it in range of more buyers.

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