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New Fuel Efficient Truck Developed by Japanese Company


You know it’s only a matter of time before all cars go electric; but what about trucks? Now that’s a good question! Apparently, that’s about to happen too at some point, since now we have the truck Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corp (MFTBC) designed. The thing eats about 10% less gas.

The reason it’s called like that is because of its fuel-saving technology, air-resistance reduction and PWM control alternator. By using a side skirt and standard features (the drag foiler on the carburetor and the rear spoiler), the truck saves on fuel quantity, while taking on another rear spoiler at the back of the container to make for less negative pressure.

The side skirt on the wheelbase line got a different shape and a smaller weight through a one-piece molding process with a side guard.

Of course, the load of the truck and the degree of the battery charge determine how much power is generated, but on a regular basis, the truck gulps more power when the you hit the engine brake or decelerate. The rest of the time, normal driving needs a moderate amount of power.

Fuel-saving is also achieved through the air-conditioning system and the combustion-type heater: when the driver lies down for a quick nap, both systems stop. And the alternator doesn’t need to give off so much electricity, because the 30 phoyovoltaic solar panels on the top and rear side of the vehicle pitch in with some extra volts. Even with these special features added, the truck is still lighter than usual and the tires have less rolling resistance.

[via Tech-On]

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